The Blog Begins!

Okay, so after years of on-and-off blogs, I’ve made a commitment to blog regularly.  My blog will contain stuff that’s going on, both personally and professionally, as well as observations on life in general.  I’ll post pictures of school visits and conferences — so if I come to your school, look for yourself on my blog!


24 Responses to “The Blog Begins!”

  1. kelsie Says:

    hi! i go to riverside middle. you came and talked to us. i am a big fan of your books and i was wondering if you would be making a sequel to unwind since in the end Conner is in charge of the grave yard and he says they wont be silent so if there will be a sequel will it be about how they protest?

  2. Alberta Blackburn Says:

    Neal, it was a pleasure to meet you, since I had read about you and my granddaughter likes reading your books.
    I was Mrs. Tom Hope in the “4Men Hanging” play that we did for you and the scouts on Tuesday.
    The book I presented to you was written by my character son.
    I took John Garber a copy of the “4Men Hanging” data I had put together from news articles I collected and pictures just a little bit ago.
    We do enjoy having John fill in for us when a man character can’t participate.
    Thanks again for coming to little ADA, OKLAHOMA. Now you have heard of it.
    Alberta Blackburn

  3. kevin ruiz Says:

    I would love to know if you have started to write unwholly I love unwind I’m in high school and I really need to gwt a book like unwind again lol I’m still thinking about unwind after 5 months of reading it

  4. Kreag Sheehan Says:

    First off, I want to thank you for the wonderful novel that is Unwind. I read it in two days and I loved it. Unwind is now a part of my favorite book collection. I read a lot of books, but this is definitely one of the best. I loved the concept and the story was outstanding. I will be anxiously awaiting UnWholly. (2012 is so far away…..) Also, I was wondering where you got the inspiration for Unwind. The idea kept me up for nights thinking about it. One last question, will you be visiting any schools in Massachusetts any time soon?
    Sincerely, Kreag Sheehan

    • brayn Says:

      Unwind is also one of the best books i ever read. Also i finished the book in two days too. i also agree with you 2012 is far away

  5. KM Reichard Says:

    I purchased Unwind fo my 12 year old daughter and she stayed up most of the weekend reading it. She begged me to read the book and I too could not put it down. Reading the book lead to some amazing discussions with her. She has wanted to be an author since she read her first series and Unwind just pushed her futher down that path.

    We anxiously await UnWholly.

  6. Sarah Hedge Says:

    It’s pretty great that you’re writing a sequel to Unwind. As soon as I told my sister of the date of release she said, “Two years? How long does it take to write a stinking book?!”
    That’s kind of my question too: I’d like to write a novel but I have no idea where to start and I marvel at the dedication and time commitment it takes to actually finish it.
    As a clearly established author, do you have any advice?

    S. Hedge

  7. Sharon Says:

    I read Unwind last summer for fun, and it was an amazing book.
    We were required to read it again for English a few months after, and I’ve reread it quite a few times. My teacher was the one who told me that there was a sequel coming out.

    I’m really looking forward to it. (:

  8. Zach Honzik Says:

    Hey, will Unwholly contain the same characters as Unwind?

  9. Johnny Says:

    What was your inspiration behind writing Unwind?

  10. Seth Gore Says:

    Hello Mr.Schusterman. I am a high school student from little Albertville Alabama. I love your novels(i.e. Everlost and Unwind) and would be simply estatic if you might visit my school. It would be a pleasure and an honor to meet such a talented author. It’s Albertvill High School.

  11. Cielo Says:

    I loved Unwind. It took me a while to finish it, because I often start a book, then get another, and choose to finished reading the one I think might be more interesting. I didn’t know it at the time, but I should have picked Unwind. That book was so awesome. Amazing.

  12. connor Says:

    ok so i read unwind and loved it i have read hindreds of hreat books but this is definately the best i am in the process of readin everlost right now and i liked that my name was in ur book u r a great author im dying for ur next book!!!!

  13. Leigh Says:

    I really enjoyed Unwind; it was a real eye-opener to what our society could lead to. I’m really excited for your new book. Will 2012 ever come?;)

  14. Sarah Says:


  15. Ian Says:

    comment if you’re ecited about Unwholly and Antsy Floats!

  16. hope Says:

    yay i just finished unwind wow im in love it my favorite book:) i cant explain how much i loved it!!! i hear they are making a movie out of it please tell me this is true:))????

  17. lisa Says:

    What is the exact date Unwholly is coming out?

  18. Brittany P Says:

    It’s 2012!! Have you started to even write UnWholly?
    If so, finish it quickly! Loved Unwind!

  19. Sara Says:

    Hi! Kay, so. . It’s 2012, and you have no idea how excited I am over Unwholly. I read Unwind a few years ago and it’s still my favorite book. . Ever :] I’m a huge reader and once upon a time, i swore I’d never call any book my ‘favorite.’ Because, ya know, favortism isn’t nice xD That was, until I read Unwind. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure I’d be a big fan of this book when I first started reading it, because i’m not a big sci-fi reader.
    But i’m so completely grateful that I read it.
    Unwind gave me a completely different perspective on life: just being able to call my life ‘Mine’ is a luxary most people take for granted. I was pretty anti abortion even before reading this book and Unwind brought up points I’d never thought about before. Totally thought-prevoking.
    My dream used to be to become an author and it still is: but now I’m more determined to publish a book that makes the readers feel as passionate about it as I do about Unwind(:
    So, thank you, Mr. Shusterman !

  20. Mark Says:

    Do you know what month he book will be coming up?

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