FAME in Florida

Just spoke at the FAME conference last week. It’s not a conference for being famous, because if it was, I’m sure I wouldn’t be on the guest list. FAME stands for Florida Association of Media Educators, which is the current politically correct term for librarians. It was great event! On Friday I did a keynote speech to more than 650 librarians. As the event was in Orlando, I stayed a couple of extra days with my girlfriend, Chris, who had never been to Orlando, and we did a whirlwind Disney weekend. Well, not whirlwind, but we did visit Epcot and Animal Kingdom. If you had any reservations or gripes against Disney, Animal Kingdom will make you a believer. It quite honestly puts any other zoo in the world to shame. Now I’m getting ready for a school visit, trying to get my taxes done before the final final October 15th deadline (yuck!) and preparing for a week in Greenville, South Carolina. It will be the first set of school visits of the school year. If you look on my website you’ll see I’ve got a pretty busy school year, speaking all over the world (well, maybe not the whole world, but the USA and Europe!)


6 Responses to “FAME in Florida”

  1. Bonkerz Says:

    Woah! You’re coming to South Carolina?! :O 😀 That’s so great! :DDD

  2. ChaChi Says:

    I wish you’d visit NZ >_<

  3. Kenzie Says:

    Aaahhh you shouldv’e come to the southern part of florida (I live there) 😀
    P.S. I LOVE your book Unwind and I can’t wait for Unwholly to come out. And I heard about a movie for Unwind. Is that true? and if so, when is it coming out?

  4. Karisa Says:

    Any chance you’ll be visiting Tulsa, Ok? 😀

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