Let’s talk about procrastination.  Why?  Because talking about it is a perfect way to actually do it.   There are so many effective ways to procrastinate.  For instance, Facebook.  I have discovered the questionable joy of facebook scrabble.  I play with my girlfriend when we can’t be together.  I play with strangers.  (I think she finds it morally offensive that I play with strangers.)  I have been hit by facebook snowballs, and am continually nagged to become part of facebook Mafia.  I resist with what little strength of will I have, because I know if I get involved with all these seemingly innocent aps, I will be drawn into them as if into a black hole, and my time will be shredded into nothing.  Indeed, time and space will cease to exist, and when the producers and/or publishers ask me where their script and/or book is, my only response will be a cry for help in the form of a facebook snowball hurled in their direction.  But facebook is good for so many fantastic things, isn’t it?  Like reconnecting with people you’ve lost touch with.  Although it does become a bit bizarre at times.  For instance, just last week this guy who I knew when I was in fourth grade friended me in Facebook.  His invitation said  “So what have you been up to.”    What do you say to that?  My first response was “ 5th through 12th grades, college, married, had four kids, gained some weight, published books, lost some weight, wrote scripts, went on cruises, gained some weight again, got divorced, lost some weight again,  wrote some more books, wrote more scripts.”  then I thought about it, deleted my response, and told him.  “Same-old same-old.”


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8 Responses to “Times-a-wasting…”

  1. Ruth Says:

    ha ha… a person you knew in fourth grade? that IS a really really long time… i guess facebook does have its wonders!

  2. Sapphi Says:

    Hi! I am your biggest fan seriously. The first thing I ever read by you was the Scorpion Shards series and it remains one of my favorite series of all times. You inspire me! 😀

  3. Ethan Says:

    Haha, that’s pretty cool. Gotta love social networking.

  4. Janet Says:

    I heard your speak in The Woodlands, Texas last February. You’re funny, insightful, and I say you work pretty hard despite all those cruises and time wasted on FB! Hah! Great blog entry. My intermediate kids love your books.

  5. Deanna Colburn Says:

    When your life doesn’t read like a greeting card, it is so much easier to give that response, “same-old, same-old.” I do the same exact thing, but not just to my freinds from Christmas past. I do it with people that I’ve just met as well. It’s like I try my best to focus on them for fear that the conversation will turn to my past. I’ve mastered the art of changing the subject undected. It’s an art that I’ve perfected over time.

  6. John Says:

    haha i know what you mean. it’s like, i’m supposed to be paying attention in this psychology class right now, but here i am reading this. lol it’s not anyone’s fault but my own, though, i guess. i do that all the time, glad i’m not that alone in doing it =]

  7. SharonF Says:

    I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I spend half my day wondering, Why should I want to food fight with people I hardly know? and why am I hitting refresh on this screen… AGAIN?

  8. Yvette Says:

    Have stumbled across your blog and love it. Of course, am a new fan of your books, having read Everlost and Unwind — when is this movie coming out??? I am a children’s librarian and need to know when to stock up!

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