Procrastin Nation

My last entry was about procrastination.  Let’s get deeper into that subject.  Can you tell there’s a project I’m struggling with?  Why do you think we writers blog?  It’s all about pretending to be writing, and convincing ourselves we are truly writing, when what we’re really doing is avoiding the writing we’re supposed to be doing.

I actually have four projects I’m working on right now.  Three of them are going along just fine.  The fourth is like pulling teeth. Which project is it, you may ask?  The answer is… I ain’t gonna tell you. Because if I do, what if that particular publisher and/or producer is reading my blog.  How embarrassing would it be if they called me to tell me they read all about how I was avoiding working on their book and/or script, and don’t I know the deadline was last month, and I had better be able to move time backwards because this isn’t middle school, and the consequence of a late book and/or script is much more severe than a failing grade.   Actually, I agree with them.  The entertainment and/or publishing industry is not like middle school at all.  But it does closely resemble high school.  In fact, someone famous whose name currently escapes me once said that “The entertainment industry is like high school with money.”

But I digress.  Our focus was on procrastination, and how effectively we, as a species can do things like make lists of all the things we need to do, and then realize we have so many lists, we need to make a list of our lists.  And then alphabetize them.  And then color-code them.   And then buy a new program, or classy leather organizer to house our alphabetized, color-coded lists of lists.  Because we may not ever actually get anything done, but we at least we can be organized about not doing it!  How do you procrastinate when you really should be doing something productive?  Make me a list.


4 Responses to “Procrastin Nation”

  1. Rozel Says:

    Blogging to keep from writing (oxymoron?) is like reading blogs to keep ftom doing grad school work! Am loving your posts because I am President of Procrastinators R We (it’s that English teacher in me that prevents me from using Us)

  2. John Says:

    i’m in the same boat. by the time i write what i think’s only a little snippet of something meaningless, i look back at it and think, “Wow, if i had actually put as much thought and effort into that i might’ve actually gotten a few pages done of something else, rather than just put things off again and again.”
    Good stuff though Neal, really appreciate that even the best have their “Now, let’s do something unrelated” kind of thoughts =]. Now i’m going to go and attempt to work, if i’m not back in ten minutes distract me.

  3. Claire Lazerson Says:

    The last paragraph was great!

  4. heather :) Says:

    my name is HEATHER i am fourteen years old and i just got done with part two and that has got me intersted in writing my own book. do you have any tips or any thing for me any one can say something any that hes writen a book. if you don’t mind i want it to be like Neal Shusterman’s unwind book but the kids are going to have a desise and they live in a hotspital they will all be friends but they will have there difrences. the desise will be a type of cancer chemo. it’s going to be sad. SO ANY TIPS THAT CAN HELP PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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