EVERWILD – the first review is in!

everwild final coverHi, everyone!  Here’s the first review of  Everwild, due out on November 10th!  KIRKUS is one of the toughest review journals, so this kind of praise from them is a fine thing indeed!!

EVERWILD –Kirkus Reviews

Everlost is where children go when they die, if they miss their chance to go into the light or are just not ready to transition into the hereafter. It’s a world between, where lost souls search for safety, for permanence or just a feeling of belonging (not unlike real life). Mary seeks to trap children there forever as her loyal—but unwitting—followers. Nick, the Chocolate Ogre, has already discovered how to send these lost souls into the light and is determined to fight Mary before he turns completely into a chocolate statue. Allie can move back to the real world by hijacking the body of a living being, but she can’t move on into the light, even if she wanted to. In this sequel to Everlost (2006), Shusterman has once again created a world that is beautiful and imaginative yet increasingly eerie and grim. Each character grows, developing new aspects of their personality and finding out just how far they’ll go to achieve their aims, whether anyone else likes it or not. Everlost is turning into Everwild, right before readers’ eyes. A fascinating read penned by an expert hand.

Oooh – I love that last line! 🙂


28 Responses to “EVERWILD – the first review is in!”

  1. Vicky Alvear Shecter Says:

    Wow, that is impressive–Kirkus usually hates everything! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Crystal Says:

    Holy Guacamole! That’s awesome, Neal!

  3. Pamela Pinnella Says:

    Ever since I went with my students to Ada, Oklahoma to listen to you, I haven’t been able to doing any other assignments in my 7th and 8th grade reading class but to read your books. This is so exciting for as a teacher kids that want to read they are all looking foreword to Everwild.
    Thanks again for your inspiration.
    Mrs. Pamela Pinnella
    Reading Teacher
    Byars Elementary
    Byars Oklahoma

  4. Sapphi Says:

    I just finished your book! I couldn’t put it down.

    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Can’t wait for the next one seriously!!!

    Your biggest fan,


  5. That Little Notebook Says:

    I’m hoping that our library gets this book soon. =]

  6. amy Says:

    Just got to part 6 of the book. And oh…wow…I have to say I’m speechless in awe. Everwild has just become one of my favorite books…EVER. (haha). But wow….just…WOW. I’m reluctant to finish now because it means I’m going to have to wait another year or two before the next book. But it’ll be worth the wait. Everwild- best. book. ever.

  7. lynette regensburg Says:

    I am a parent of a teen who brought home everlost i immediately went looking for everwild i have enjoyed the book so much i was wondering when the next will be out

    • nealshusterman Says:

      I’m still writing EVERFOUND. Look for it in the Fall of 2011!

      • shyz hubby Says:

        Its amazing how you put so much in ever book. I love all the carectors even the bad ones you have to lean to there sides at time because you write each one like a real person… thanks for writing these great books your a big inspiration for a book I’m working on.

  8. Cooltoonist Says:

    Wow, I never knew you were planning to write a sequel for Everlost, an awesome book. I hope the book arrives in New Zealand soon.
    Now that I know you’re writing a trilogy, I’m REALLY excited.

  9. Htebezele Says:

    Oh. My. Goshhhhh. I just finished EverWild. I think I about died at that last part. I mean, I should’ve expected it, because all of your books have the most AMAZING plots, and twists that somehow always catch me off guard. I can’t wait for EverFound, I know it’s going to be an amazing conclusion, and I think I will die of happiness when I get it! Actually I’ll die after I read it… I love your books soooooo much!

  10. Nancy h Says:

    OMG!!! I absolutely fell in love with Everlost! i am sooo gonna recommend it to all of my friends! Im sure they’ll love it to! i too hope that the sequel is in new zealand! im lookin forward to my next visit to the library, hopefully Everwild will be there!

    Im also very curious on the Everlost movie! who will be playin Allie, nick, mary/megan, mcgill/mikey etc…? i hope that the movie does justice to the book! 😀

  11. Alex Polikowsky Says:

    I am a 43 year old mom that loves your books. I just read Everwild and I loved it even more than Everlost ( imagine that!) . I cannot wait for you to release the third book.
    Are there any immediate plans for the Everlost movie?
    How is that going?
    Thank you for the great books !!!!!!

  12. musiclover Says:

    I love the book everlost and even your newest book everwild. i even have my sister reading them now. i hope there is another book for the skinjacker trilogy. please please please make it soon i can not wait. i love all the characters and the setting and the bit of history that you have thrown in the book. the book has everything i could have dreamed of. absolutely can not wait to see both everlost and unwind in the movies. ❤ 🙂

  13. Maggie Says:

    I literally JUST finished Everwild, and so decided I would come online and stalk your blog. All I can say is HOLY FREAKING COW THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!! Slightly less eloquent than Kirkus’s review, but similar in meaning. You are one of those writers who seems to have an imagination working on a higher level of existence than the rest of us. I love the characters and the world you’ve created. I cannot wait for Everfound (Fall of 2011? Really? *sigh*), and I was also wondering, when does the Everlost movie come out? Who have they cast? I know you’re the one writing the script, which guarantees that it won’t be made of absolute suck, but I’m still nervous. Movie adaptations of books are tricky. I’m excited though, and I will be watching opening night.
    Anyway, just wanted to say you’re immensely talented, and thanks for writing an awesome book. Bye.

  14. shaylyn mackinnon Says:

    I just finished everlost 20 minutes ago and cant wait to start everwild. my school is doing this thing where we choose a book that we wanted to read with a group of other student unanimously. I thought everlost sounded like the best choice and im so glad that i choose it. i thought allie reminded me of me and my friends that are reading said the same book said so too. i hope everwild can meet the same or even better standards than everlost. i want to know what the third book is called and when it will come out. if anyone finds out please comment!

  15. Juliet Says:

    OMFG!!!!!!! I just finished EVERWILD it was soooo good I discoverd it through my friend who read UNWIND which had me in tears when they unwound Roland when I saw EVERLOST in the back I just HAD to read it it’s only the begining of 2010 on March 29 do I realy have to wait till FALL of NEXT year to get EVERFOUND?

  16. Colleen Says:

    OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERWILD is totally mind blowing!!!!! Just finished it!!!!!!!!!! I have soo many questions for what will happen in the next book which I just found out about! Everfound!!!!!!! I dont think its impossible to wait this long C:

  17. That Little Notebook Says:

    So, I read this a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it–more than the first one. I must admit that I was really hoping that you would explain The Missing Sock Syndrome with the whole ripping thing (I’m trying not to give spoilers here.) When it never happened, I was quite sad. Do socks have a special role in the Ever-world? Could mysterious missing socks in this world be explained in the third book? =]

  18. Chelsea Says:

    Oh my gosh, Neal, you are totally amazing with your novels! In fact the Skinjacker series is on my must read list for other people, plus Everwild was one of the (many) books i read this summer (If you are curious, i’ve read 74 as of now). I hope that one day I will have a published book that is as loved as yours! And i hope that when i do get a book of mine published you will be among my most favorite Authors to read it. Look out Neal, I think i may be the next Stephanie Meyer! Look out for a book by Nicole Peterson in the years to come!

  19. chai (pronounced shy) Says:

    I read Everlost in school for a book report and loved it. Then I read Everwild and was so excited at the end to find out what will happen next. I dont think I can wait for Everfound to come out. Today I read about Everlost to be turned into a movie and I am really excited for that. Will the waiting ever end?

  20. Amanda Says:

    Hi i love ur book! i actually go to school with ur daughter erin! but anyway i just wanted say that ur a really good writer

  21. Bree Says:

    OMG!!! I love the Everwild series! i am 11 and i understand it very well!! u r my new favorite author! I was wondering if you could do a character description on all the characters in everwild?

  22. savannah Says:

    I just finished everlost. loved it. cant wait to read everwild!!!!!

    biggest fan. EVER.

  23. savannah Says:

    im looking frword to everwild!!!!!

  24. savannah Says:

    im 12 and cant wait to read everwild, and everfound!!!!!!!!! i love your book everlost it was in my school libray if u can call it that.

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