Ever Lost-And-Found

I have a good reason for not blogging for the past few months. It’s called a deadline. Just last week I finished the first draft of Everfound. I’m thrilled with it, but I thought it might be worth sharing the love/hate relationship I have with my novels while I’m writing them. I think most authors can attest to the fact that writing a book is like giving birth. Alright it doesn’t hurt THAT much, but it’s a pretty exhausting, and painful process to push something forth from your brain, work it, rework it, obsess over it, spend sleepless nights, and write until your fingers and brain feels like they are going to fall off. Everfound was no exception.

I had a huge task before me with this book.  The completion of a trilogy is always very difficult. I experienced it first with SHATTERED SKY, which I consider to be one of the best books I’ve written–and closest to UNWIND in style.  With each book of a trilogy, new characters are added, and only a few characters leave the story, so by the time you get to the last book, not only do you have a story you have to tell, but A) you have dozens of characters to write about, B) You have to make the story bigger and better than the first two C) You have to resolve everyone’s story in a satisfying way. Throughout Everfound, the challenge was all consuming. With every book I write, I bite off as much as I can possibly chew, and barely stay above water (How’s that for a mixed metaphor).

The scope of Everlost is massive, and the journeys the characters make are epic — both the physical journeys, as well as the internal journeys. Plus there are two  new main character, and several new secondary characters. There’s the new character of JIX. Jix (which is Mayan for “jaguar”) is a skinjacker whose specialty is skinjacking great cats (furjacking). He is now just as important as Nick, Allie, Mikey, and Mary in the story. There’s also Clarence, a character who exists partway in Everlost, and partway out. There are new groups of kids our characters come across in Texas, Mexico, and other points of the globe. And there’s the return of a character we saw in EVERLOST, but not EVERWILD. (I won’t tell you who).

There are basically four separate story lines that need to converge. Allie and the train that has just crossed the Mississippi at the end of Everwild; the character of Jix; Mikey and Nick; and then what happens to Mary. As I was writing, the hardest thing to do was to bring the four storylines together, because the characters all wanted to do different things than I wanted them to do — but I have to go with the characters choices, not my own, otherwise it won’t feel true to those characters. That’s why the book took 465 pages to bring home! More on Friday.


13 Responses to “Ever Lost-And-Found”

  1. Bryan Says:

    I can not wait. The Skinjacker Trilogy is my favorite YA series.

  2. Venus Says:

    I too took a blogging sabbatical, albeit only for a week and a half, but it is very difficult to write write write and then have to write some more for a blog. Just takes so much out of you. It’s all worth it though. I love your books.

  3. Amy Says:

    YAY well now I can’t wait for Friday. Please let us know when Everfound comes out! Everlost was a fantastic world and Everwild was absolutely amazing in terms of everything- plotplotplotplotplot, characters, setting, writing- all WOW! So I can’t wait to see how you surpass all that glory in Everfound 😀

  4. celeste Says:

    I cant wait till everfound comes out. i just finshed everwild and i loved it. My favorite character is mikey even when he was the McGill.Please let me know when everfound comes out

  5. celeste Says:

    i think i know who is going to be i everfound but was not in everwild

  6. Lori Says:

    I am anxious to get my hands on Everfound……interested to see how the story lines of each character play out in the final book. (You really left us hanging in Everwild:)
    I just finished reading Unwind, any chance of a sequel here? (Very good by-the-way, really enjoyed the characters)
    Your books have so many layers to them. During book club with the middle school students, we could seriously talk for hours! It is so amazing to listen to the kids, their thoughts are always so incredible….. (most) grown ups really don’t give kids enough credit!
    Ready to start Bruiser now….better get my kleenex ready, you said it may make me cry.
    Take care,

  7. TheBlusher Says:

    I so enjoyed the Everlost series, I would often stay up all night just thinking about what the 3rd book would be about. I can’t wait for Everfound now!! Please tell when it will be coming out!
    I also want to read your other series, too. They are all so well written. Thank you so much for them.

  8. Anika Says:

    I know who will be in #3, who wasn’t in #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hahaha you have to figure it out for yourselves!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait for Everfound or Unwind movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Caitie Says:

    ^im basically saying what anika said 🙂 i have a feeling i know who its going to be, but you might suprise us ^_^ you always do. And if its who i think it is, i will be sooooo happy XD
    and also like what anika said, i can’t wait for everfound, or unwind movie!

  10. Shaylyn Says:

    I LOVED EVERWILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can not wait for Everfound!!! i cant believe what happend to allie and nick. poor allie stuck to the train and poor mikey having to look for her! and nick not remembering fully who he is! i want the next book right now! i think i know who will come back in the 3rd book… well theres two people in my mind but one played a larger role so i feel that they’ll probally be the one to come back. the day the book comes out im going to buy it!!!

  11. Brandon Says:

    I hav a feeling Vari will return cuz in ever lost wen Mary 4got him, he told pinhead 2 call him the McGill

  12. Kieran Says:

    “And there’s the return of a character we saw in EVERLOST, but not EVERWILD. (I won’t tell you who).”


    I can really tell on this one, it’s either:

    A: Lief (Or Travis)
    B: That little snotty assistant to Mary (Whom I cannot remember the name of)
    C: Pinhead (Who seems to be venturing with the snotty kid).

  13. Bailey Says:

    You just came to visit my school in Nebraska. Ams. You told us that you needed ideas for a title for a book and I was wandering what book this title was intended for. And if you cpould tell me a little more about it the book itself. I LOVED Everlost and Everwild. Can’t wait to read more!:)

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