Everfound Teasers…

So everyone wants to know what to expect in Everfound. Well, I only just finished the first draft so there will still be changes from my editor but I’m hoping those changes will be finessing what’s there, and not reinventing it. I hope that the story is mostly in place. I can’t tell you too much without giving you too many spoilers, so I’ll tell you a few important things.

The largest Everlost city has yet to be discovered. It will be discovered in EVERFOUND.

Mary Hightower, already a danger, becomes even more so in this concluding book.

There’s a new character who has the power to “extinguish” afterlights. That is basically worse than killing someone, because if you’re extinguished, you cease to exist entirely. At least one major character will be extinguished in Everfound.

The Hindenburg will not stay adrift forever.

There will be some interesting and unexpected relationships between characters, both new and existing.
And some characters who you really don’t like, you’re going to change your mind about… And some character’s who you hate, you’re going to hate even more.

Skinjackers do some pretty cool, and pretty scary things with their powers –including being able to skinjack more than one person at a time…

And you’re going to love how it all ends….

Look for Everfound in June 2011…


52 Responses to “Everfound Teasers…”

  1. Corbin Says:

    That’s frvr.
    But it’s worth the wait I’m sure.

  2. Amy Says:

    OMG June 2011…painfully long wait and yet it’s TOTALLY WORTHWHILE ^_^ I’m already setting my calendar…

    And the teasers sound amazing! I almost skipped over them for fear of spoiling even the smallest bit of the story but I couldn’t resist and now I’m all the more excited for EVERFOUND!

    Are you planning on writing any more books after EVERFOUND? (I’m dying to know this, heh!)

  3. Brandon P. Says:

    June 2011? But like said above, it’ll be worth the wait.
    A couple of days before the release, I’m going to reread Everlost and Everwild. 😀

  4. Grace Says:

    AAAAHHHH!!!!!! June 2011??? So. Far. AWAY!!! *bangs head on table* I think I’m going to explode. I will be in Borders that day to buy this book. MUST READ. The teasers are incredible, it makes me want to read it even more.

  5. Storm Uchiha Says:

    Oh my god someone’s gonna die!? For good!? Oh man….(Seems like one of my favorite characters dies in every book series I like…Or series in general. Please let Allie live please let Allie live.)

    Oh man Neal you have me in suspense every time I read one of your books. I’m so excited. Especially for the Unwind movie.

  6. Best of my blogs… | Mrs. McGriff's Reading Blog Says:

    […] to Nick and Allie from Neal Shusterman’s Everlost (Skinjacker series), Shusterman gives some teasers for the third book in the trilogy, Everfound, due out June 2011.  The first draft is down, now […]

  7. i need everlost! Says:

    1 year i dont think i can wait that long but im sooooooooooooo exited this is my favorite series/trilogy EVER and im so exited for the movie also

  8. no! Says:

    Mikey cant get extinguished thats gonna suck we pray its mary

  9. Morrigan Baker Says:

    OMG!!!!!!! I so cannot wait…I love reading these books I loved Mikey when he was the McGill and I loved him even more afterwards…..I love Nick too<3 lol….Cannot. Wait.

  10. Markie Says:

    OMG I can’t wait until Everfound!!!!! I mean, a whole year?!? Come on!!! That’s torture! How does anyone expect me to wait that long? I am like a teddy bear whose seams are ready to explode!!!!!!!!!

    Well, I thouroughly enjoyed Everlost…. so right when this new book comes out, i’ll be waiting.

  11. mollie Says:

    OMG ! really that long ! i hope miss mary the sky witch is extinguished and not allie or mickey !

  12. Angela Says:

    I can’t wait to read it! Everlost is my favorite book of all time and I was psyched when I learned it was going to be a trilogy. Also, do you know when the everlost movie is going to come out?

  13. An Author Says:

    This is going to be awesome! I wonder who will be extinguished -I hope it isn’t Mikey. I can’t wait for this booooookkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!! Well lucky me I will be able to read my own book before anyone else! Ha!

  14. Nikki Says:

    June ’11!!!!!! Noooo!!!! I can’t wait!! I don’t know what I’m going to do. Everytime I read a new sentence I scream at my screen. My brother just looked over at me and asked what was wrong with me. Those really were teasers ’cause now I want to read it even more!!! I’m going to sleep outside of Borders the night before it comes out 🙂

  15. An Author Says:

    I would hate if Mikey extinguished! Id hate if Nick was extinguished! Id hate i Allie to be extinguished. Id love for Mary to be extinguished

  16. Syd Says:

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!! But someone has to be gone for good?!?!? Just like someone said above my fav characters always die!!!!!!! But actually it seems my fav character is already GONE!!!!!! Will you bring Zinnia back to everlost?!?!? PLEASE?
    But if you had to kill someone kill megan. I mean “mary”.

  17. Anika Says:

    June. 2011!!!!!!!!!! Are you crazy! That’s a year! (to state the painfully obvious) I’m gonna go insane!

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I have an idea about who might come back(may 11 posting) but you people have to figure it out yourselves
    *helpful hint, take some paper and read everlost and write down every character, then take a new piece and write down everyone in everwild, then compare………….

  18. masat01 Says:

    My god it’s like waiting for a new episode of LOST.

  19. LadyGaga4ever Says:

    A year!!! I cannot wait a whole year, I will explode, and these teasers made it even worse! I reeeeeeeeeealllly want to read it! And…I don’t want one of the good characters to be gone for good, I think I would cry! Unless…it was Mary. But…I might be a little sad. But if it was Allie or Nick, or Mikey….that would suck. But also if Mary was gone forever I would feel a little bad for Nick because he loved her. There better be a happy ending. This is going to be awesome to read. I am probably going to finish it the day I get it. My friend still needs to read Everwild, she hasn’t read it yet, I am like, what is wrong with you? But she is finishing Harry Potter, so that is okay. Gosh, I am so excited to read it, it isn’t fair 😥 I even had a dream about it before I knew the title, and I dreamed it was called Everclue. I am also hope Unwind and Everlost become a movie, fingers crossed!
    Yours Truly,

  20. caelynreynolds Says:

    Those are great teasers… cruel, but effective. Can’t wait to read Everfound!

    I’m actually wracking my brain to figure out who that would be. The really hopeful part of me wants it to be post-existential change Leaf, because he was hilarious and just awesome. But, I also can’t figure out how that makes particular sense. I’m going to have to re-read Everlost to see if I can figure it out now…


  21. simran Says:

    JUNE 11 2011!!!!!! noooooooooooo!!! thats way to long for a series this amazing!! OMG just thinking about everfound makes me excited 🙂

  22. bookworm Says:

    why do all the books i like always take so long to come out? (which is why its always good to read completed series-heh heh) though it always takes me very long to write anything, mosty by virtue of procrastanation.
    well, can you allow for a scene in the library of alexandria? or any library that invading europeons cannont resist but burning down?
    thanks. i will await the book. if impatiently.

  23. Hailee Says:

    Neal, you are my favorite YA author. Absolutely. Without a doubt.
    Your books leave me wanting more and it sends shivers down my spine. I’m absolutely in love with your books, ALL of them, and you inspire me to write more. I NEED Everfound but I’m counting down the days. June will be an amazing month because of Everfound. Thank you so much for writing this series, and books in general. I know that writing’s a labor of love, and you make it the best it can be! I can’t wait to see more books from you!

  24. Libby Says:

    Omg im hooked i read unwind at school and couldnt get enogh so i got everlost if i hadnt made that choice i would have exploded from excitemnet withdrawl i reall hope everfound happens to be finished earlier than said Best series ever im mean EVER hope neal reads this so he can see my anticipation:D ive written eleven whole pages of nothing but everlost and everwild im gonna go crazy over everfound

  25. Caitie Says:

    I feel a little late on this, but NEAAALL!!!! I ❤ you right now. Like what hailee said above, you are also one of my favorite authors! Every book i've read of yours just wants me craving for more! And that includes the skinjacker series. Sure, it comes out in in june, but ive waited longer for books XD and i'm especially exited for this one. After reading everlost i was immediately ready for the next book…. eeep its was so good! So is unwind, but thats a completely different subject. Anyways, i can't wait until it comes out! When i read this title on the blog, i screamed like a five year old in a candy shop! literally. And sooo… yeah 🙂

  26. em Says:

    you are an amazing author!!! i love all your books, especially unwind!!! Please write everfound (and unwholly!!!) quickly 😀 thank you so much!!!

  27. Eve Says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeep!!!!:D Cant wait for this book at all:)
    You must be my favorite author ever but then again that might depend on how this book turns out, caint wait:)
    Keep writing!!!!!
    Never stop.

  28. Alphonse Says:

    Why had I never even heard of you until I read Orson Scott Card’s review of _Everlost_? You write ten times better than Rowling, and she’s pretty good.

    I *just* finished _Everwild_ and it was so much better than _Everlost_ that I was staggered. Sequels almost *always* disappoint; it’s a rare coup for a sequel to be better than its predecessor — especially a predecessor as good as _Everlost_.

    If _Everfound_ continues that trajectory… words fail me. I’ll just have to wait and see.

    Thank you for many enjoyable hours!

  29. Kristin Roachelle Says:

    I read on a different site that Everfound is not coming out until May 2011. Which is it?!

  30. Resin Girl Says:

    I hope honestly that none of the true blue majors are gone. But I wouldn’t mind it if Milos became extingushed. Or Mary. (Although she was cool in Everlost until she lost her marbles…Literally.)

  31. Mandi Says:

    I really just finished Everwild 20 mins. ago heres my opinion on Everfound

    It always bothered me that Leif was hardly mentioned durring everwild, he was my favorite charector, so if he comes bacl i’m probably gunna cry with tears of joy. Plus i also fear Mikey will be killed. Mikey McGill just seems like the one to be killed (him and Milos in my opinion) I don’t want mikey to die!!He was so true to the book. also, we need some closer on Jakin’ Jill becuz we did’nt have a finish with her like we did with the other charecters. Of course Nick must remeber who he is but im a little sketchy on that part and i hope him and Allie will meet again, They after all like brother and sister.

    Hope my opinions helped you on your opinions for Everfound

  32. Jack Says:

    Will it include the Titantic?! I’ve always thought that would be good in the book! but i cant WAIT!

  33. Terra Says:

    I absolutelu love your books! The first book I read from you was Unwind and I was totally hooked by the end of it. I have made it my mission to read every single book you’ve written and oh boy, you did not make it an easy task with the numbers of book in your repetoire. I’ve read both Everlost and Everwild I can’t wait for the third book to finally hit the shelves. They are absolutely brilliant! I read it all in one sitting. Can’t wait for Everfound. Well…while I wait for it to come out, I’ll occupy my time with the rest of your books. Happy New Year!

  34. sarah Says:

    Well I know one thing for sure, Allie cant be gone cuz im PRAYING she finds out how to skinjack her own body and return to were she belongs?!? But as for who is? I have my idea’s but nuttin for sure. Im a HUGE fan! if any other SUPER Everlost fans out there want some one to swap idea’s about Everfound with. EMAIL ME! ❤

  35. Christina Says:

    MUST. READ. Must find out if Allie and Mikey get back together. >:U ARGHLEFLARGH. DARN YOU FOR MAKING YOUR BOOKS SO DARN ADDICTIVE.

  36. Sabry Says:

    I think I already know who is coming back y’know since leaf and meadow already crossed I think I know who’s coming back 🙂

  37. Kacie Says:

    Please not mikey please not mikey. i want him to use his powers in everfound.

  38. hu4life Says:

    That teaser makes me want to scream!!
    Neal you’re the author that got me into books with Everlost. Whever I heard there was an Everwild I screamed, Now, I CAN’T wait ’til everfound comes out! I MUST get it!
    You’re the insperation to the reason I write, YOU’RE SO EPlC!!!

  39. Josh Says:

    YAY anyways the new movie is coming out rite? ugh i cant wait for it to come out and yah i hope mary gets extinguished she is so annoying. UGH well its really close now so… yeahhh….

  40. Sofia Says:

    Someone is going to be gone for good?! Please don’t let it by Mikey. Please don’t let it be Mikey. Please don’t let it be Mikey. Only two more months away. My calender’s already marked. I’m so excited. ❤

  41. Near Says:

    Just a couple more months…here are some of my ideas on what will go down in the third novel:
    The one who can extinguish other afterlights may have a problem with her power, or realizing that she is too dangerous to be living, and extinguish herself, after all, she most likely will become a main character when the story progresses, my guess is this character is Clarence, the one who can exist in both worlds, and that the one who will return is either Vari, the violin player who took control of the Sulphur Queen after the McGill left, or Pinhead, the McGills assistant (or maybe both)

  42. Juliana Says:

    Who’s Clarence? I don’t even rememeber there ever being a character named Clarence.

  43. Tamah Says:

    OMG if Mikey is the one who stops existing, I will cry all night and then burn this book. Mikey is my favorite character, and you CANNOT kill him off! You’ve got two weeks until May 3, so if you’ve already killed him, bring him back!

  44. Alicia Says:

    ITS OUT! ITS OUT! it can out yeaterday 🙂 going to home to buy it!

  45. #1Fan Says:

    Neal Shusterman you did it again!!! Everfound is Legendary!! I’m sure even the Mayan Gods themselves are worshiping you now! From the moment I first got my own copy I simply couldn’t put it down! However, I didn’t want rush right through it, so I restrained myself like a skinjacker to read only one story part each day. I’m on the last part now! And I can’t wait to see how the saga of Everlost meets it’s maker! Thank you Neal 100 times infinity for this series! You will never how much this trillogy means to me, but I am hoping one day soon I will be able to tell you in person.
    Keep surprising me Neal! – your #1 fan, M.

  46. Angie Freeman Says:

    I CRIED WHEN I FINISHED THE BOOK I LOVE THIS SERIES 😦 IM DOING MY SCHOOL PROJECT ON IT 😦 i really cried when Mikey said “I’ll be waiting for you :(“

  47. Mar Says:

    Awesome book

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