What’s new in 2011?

Okay, so I’ve been super-busy writing and speaking, so I haven’t had time to keep up my blog — but there are so many things going on that I figured I’d post a blog that gives everyone updates on everything!


Coming out on May 2nd.  I’m going on an 11-City whirlwind booksigning tour during those first two weeks.  I’ll be in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Denver, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Houston, Austin, Miami, Orlando, and Atlanta!    I have to say, EVERFOUND is the best book of the trilogy.  I can’t wait until it comes out!


I’m writing the script right now.  Chances are looking pretty good that we’re going to be able to get it made as a movie… But it’s all going to depend on the economy, and my script.

If you’d like to keep up with what’s going on with the Unwind movie, go to the movie website at: www.unwindmovie.com


Due to the economy, and Universal’s new mandate when it comes to the kinds of films they’re willing to make, they’ve decided NOT to make Everlost.  That doesn’t mean it won’t be made though.  It’s still a favorite project of GARY ROSS’s company, LARGER  THAN LIFE.  (Gary Ross is directing “The Hunger Games.”)  They’re working to set the movie up at another studio.  Stay tuned…


After a long break, DECIPHER, Inc will soon be going online with an amazing new website, and all of their HOW TO HOST games will be available for download.  I just met with them in Norfolk, Virginia last week, and I’ll be creating a new HOW TO HOST A TEEN MYSTERY game for them.  More on that soon!


The third ANTSY book is with the publisher, and I’m waiting on their notes for a revision.  I love this book!  Antsy’s cruise has been amazingly fun to write about!


I’ll be getting to work on the sequel to Unwind as soon as I’m done with the script, and will be delivering the final manuscript in October.  It will be published in the Fall of 2012.


Currently, I have eight other books under contract, including a trilogy I’m co-writing with my friend ERIC ELFMAN, and an amazing GRAPHIC NOVEL project for Scholastic.


I’m about to start a FAN NEWSLETTER, that will have material that’s not available anywhere else — including a serialized story, and contests only open to fans who sign up for the newsletter.  If you’re interested signing up for the newsletter, e-mail the newsletter staff at shustermania@gmail.com


15 Responses to “What’s new in 2011?”

  1. Patty Says:

    So pleased to see a new blog–woohoo!!! Congratulations on all the positive steps you’ve accomplished since the last blog, and hurray for UnWholly–I was wondering if it was sequel-able!! 🙂

  2. Ying Says:

    Oh, so Everfound is coming out in May 2011? Not June 2011? 😮

  3. WeaponWolfRunt Says:

    I’m glad that Everfound is actually coming out in May and not June, I just finished Everlost and Everwild I thought I’d die from lack of knowledge about it! Still hope you don’t kill off Mikey, Nick or Allie, other than Zinnia with Kudzo(?) they were my favorite. I wish they could make a movie/movies off the whole trilogy but we all have dreams right? Can’t wait to read more!-Runt

  4. Sarah Says:

    Yay! I’m so excited for all the new stuff coming out! Do you know the places you’ll be on your tour? Specifically where you’ll be in San Francisco or San Jose.

  5. Sofia Says:

    Whoa. I think I just had a panic attack from being so excited. No joke.
    I hadn’t checked this blog in a while, so I came on and was like OMG EVERFOUND NEWS. ;O

    I’m so excited. 😀
    Actually, no, I’ve BEEN so excited, for like, six months now. And I’m pretty sure I’ve written 5-3-11 [May 3rd, 2011] on everything I own at this point. I’ve been anticipating the release of Everfound for quite some time now.

    I’m also extremely looking forward to the Unwind and [hopefully] the Everlost movie. It’s really cool that Gary Ross is also doing The Hunger Games movie, The Hunger Games is a great book. [You know, after The Skinjacker Trilogy, of course.]

    So as for Everfound, I can’t wait. 🙂
    I’ve written it on every calender I can find, and I’m so happy but scared at the same time because it’s the conclusion of the series.
    Just, please. Please don’t extinguish Mikey.♥

    Hehe, I just sounded like a rabid fan girl. ^

  6. Zach Says:

    What is your favorite color?

  7. John Says:

    Was looking for a reply about unwholly, but I’m not sure that NS has kept his promise and maintained this blog!

  8. lynnsbooks Says:

    Just finished unwind and what a fantastic reading experience that was. I’m so excited to find that not only is there a potential film but a sequel *jumps up and down with excitement*

  9. hannah williams Says:

    OMG!!!! i cant wait to read everfound!!!!! ive read the other two books but i havent read this one yet. im at school right now getting ready to write a paper about you and the book everlost. i was hoping maybe you would write me back soon so i could get your side of things and how you see things. if you would write me back i would realy love it. oh and thanks for writing these book they were great.
    well hope you write me back – hannah williams ❤

  10. #1fan Says:

    Please make Everlost movie!!!
    Do what ever it takes!!!!!!!

  11. Alexis K Says:

    I can’t wait for ANTSY FLOATS!

  12. Not Another Teen (Post-Apocalyptic) Book « referencing: katy Says:

    […] was a 2011 Teen Nutmeg winner. A movie is in the works, and according to Shusterman’s blog, there will be a sequel in […]

  13. Amy Says:

    I’ve been waiting for the Everlost movie to come out for a while, and I hope it does because it is a great book and I think it will be awesome on the big screen. 😀 I am also really excited about the Unwind movie. Neal Shusterman is awesome and I love his work. Please, bring both movies out! You’d make my entire year. 🙂

  14. Emma Says:

    I am a HUGE fan of yours, Neal Shusterman. I loved reading Unwind, it is absolutely amazing and my most frequent and recent obsession to date. I am thrilled that there will be a movie of Unwind, but i am a bit hesitant to support a movie because it might take away from the books great quality. Books being turned into movies tend to do that, but nevertheless, i will anxiously await for Unwholly, which seems SO faraway. Fall of 2012? Gah!

    I am glad to have found your blog and really hope you are able to reply to this question i have been dying to know the answer to: Are the 3 main characters in Unwind (Connor, Risa, and Lev) going to be the main characters in Unwholly? I really hope so-i have a sweet spot for Connor!

    Please reply!

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