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But What About Zin the Ripper…?

October 18, 2011

I’ve had a lot of people who’ve read EVERFOUND ask me what ever happened to Zin, and why she wasn’t in the book.  The thing is, there was a problem bringing her back into the story. Now that Zin was in the living world, and had no power to see, or connect with Everlost — and with the only characters who cared about her trapped in other situations (Johnny-O on the Hindenburg, and Nick with no memory of himself), bringing Zin back would have been completely artificial, and forced.  I had Johnny-O thinking about her at one point, but made the conscious decision to delete it, because all he could do was the same thing fans were doing — wonder what happened to her, which only implied that I would bring her back — which was impossible, since the story did not bring any of our characters near Memphis, except for Jix, near the beginning, but in a city of millions of people, it would have been unrealistic for the cat that Jix was skinjacking to randomly run into her.

In a story where reality is already stretched, it is very important that the logic of the real world not be cheated.  What makes a story like the skinjacker trilogy compelling, is that you can almost believe it.  That’s because I never cheat real world logic.  The real world is still the real world, and the characters, even though they’re going through extraordinary and supernatural things, still behave, think, and feel like real people.  For all of these reasons, it was simply impossible to bring Zin back, just like it was impossible to bring Lief back after the first book.

BUT – FEAR NOT!  I can tell you exactly what happened to her… and since I’m the one who made her up, it must be right! 🙂

She was taken in as a foster child by the same family that had her dog.  Although she had a hard time adjusting in school, and learning to read and write, she was a wiz when it came to American History.  Every year she participates in the reenactment  of the civil war — which they actually do.  She falls in love with a boy fighting for the north, but they only get to see each other once a year during the reenactment. Finally, after ten years, of this, a truce between the north and south is declared just so they can get married.  They plan to someday buy a house that’s built right on the Mason-Dixon line.