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4 Responses to “About”

  1. Mandi Says:


  2. Zach Taul Says:

    Hey. I want to say what a great author you are. I have read the book Everlost and I thought it was brilliant. I am writing a book research project on an author and I am doing it on you. Can you possible contact me at my email , ztaul13@yahoo.com, and answer some questions for my paper please. If you are too busy I can understand. Thank You!

  3. hannah williams Says:

    hey my name is hannah and i was hoping you would write me back soon. you see im writing a paper about you and your book everlost. and i wanted to get your side of things and how you see things. šŸ™‚ i was hoping you would write me back so i could ask you some questions. oh and by the way, i love your books soooo much. i thnk you are a great writer no matter wat anyone els says. you see i write too and ive even won an award beacause of one of my papers. and ive already writen 3 chapter books and 4 kids books. oh by the way im 12 years old. thats pretty good dont you think?? i mean for a 12 year old to write that much. well anyway i realy hope that you write me back šŸ™‚

    hannah williams AKA
    your bigest fan šŸ™‚

  4. Evan Wallace Says:

    Hey, I am a plain 12 year old girl and I LOVE your books. You inspire me to read and write- I also draw. I am talented at both for my age. I could probably get something published if it was more of a kids book, or an elementary level book, but I prefer to write things more mature/adult. I love, love, love your books. Even talking with you through email would overjoy me. I just read Everwild today (yes, today. I couldn’t peel my eyes from it.) and wished Everfound was free. The ending of Everwild was breathtaking, so perfect and in such need for a sequel I was thrilled to find there was one, but disappointed I had been so unconsciously far behind on the series, and that the book couldn’t pop in my hands like witchcraft. Any ways it would be GREAT if you could email me and I could give you a quick summarization about my book and you could help me with some things I’m stuck on. Email me at: razuberipafe@yahoo.com

    PLEASE!!! šŸ™‚

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